Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Distracted Priorities

I've been home a couple days now from our massive road trip and was happy to be sewing again.

These blocks were just a couple of starts when I left, made from the scraps I had from my Hand 2 Help quilt and other scraps from quits I had been working on. I had determined when I got home I would work on the H2H quilt since it is due on July 29..... well....

I have the 9 patch blocks for a D9P, but I am uninspired, so, I kept getting distracted by the wonky logs.... until they were all done.... so now I need to get back to business! I am going to take the 9 patch and border them with the kona which I think is butter yellow (?) then cut the blocks, making a modified D9P. The floral print is something from my stash that I think will work for the backing if all works as planned.

Do you ever get distracted, working on project that are not a priority when lacking inspiration?


  1. Absolutely! But I try to look on it as a nudge from God that He needs me to be working on something else - and sometimes, that's exactly what it is! Both quilts look like they're going to be lovely! (And by the way, the deadline on finishing an H2H quilt for prize entry is 7/31; mail date deadline is 8/5.)

  2. Absolutely - I think one should just go where inspiration lies. I hope the wonky logs helped your mojo find its way back home!