Friday, July 29, 2011

Easiest Machine Cover ... ever!

I have been wanting to make a machine cover for some time, but, its been very low on the priority list given that this week I reported 14 Work in Progress projects. (yes, there may be emphasis on the word reported).

Yesterday I moved some things around in my sewing room and came across this bag from Moda Homegoods. You can kinda see the print on the side where it says Moda.

Inspiration struck and lookie, the easiest machine cover EVER! I think I have another one of these bags around somewhere that I can use for the Juki so they will be matching.

I am now looking at my other bags to see it I have one that is a little shorter and square so my serger can have a cover too.

1 comment:

  1. Now that is a fast and easy machine cover........tutorial???? Hehe