Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm Swooning

Have you all heard about the Swoon-along?

Truth, this block scares me... I have Swoon fear....If you have seen much of my blog in the past, I am a big block kind a girl, without a lot of fussy little pieces.... but I had committed to expanding my horizons, tackling more complicated patterns and I started obsessing on the Swoon... and after all, its just a bunch of HST's and flying geese.... uhm, a LOT of HST's. The Flicker group has some great tips, two specific on construction that saved me some time and Advil I am sure.

My first block, in all its Hope Valley glory.  I am loving it! 

Click below to go to the flicker site... over 700 registered Swooners!


  1. It's fantastic!! I really love those colors together. Great job, and kudos for tackling something outside your comfort zone!

  2. Love your Hope Valley block! I held out on joining the Swoon-Along until this past Friday...I finally placed an order for the pattern and joined the group, so I'm one of the 700+ swooners! Oh my, what have I gotten myself into!? But it should be super fun!

  3. I wish I was Swooning. I really don't have the time to start something else. A big sign that I shouldn't start it was that I can't find the pattern. I bought it a while ago but cannot find it. Your block is fantastic! It is such a wonderful pattern.