Sunday, January 1, 2012

what has 8670 parts?

What has 8670 parts and pieces? A queen size postage stamp quilt. And thats not counting any border, binding or backing.

(My understanding is that a postage stamp quilt is 1x1 inch squares, so I did not qualify.)

I had two section done and ended up getting 4 more done this weekend so now I have 1734 1 inch squares sewn together, leaving a few less than 7K to go.

This was a project started in 2011 with Heidi's Postage stamp qult along.

I thought this was going to be a lifetime project, but now I think getting it done this year is doable. I had some issues because I started the quilt on my old machine and am now working on my Juki with the amazing 1/4 inch foot. The allowance using the old machine was a scant, causing about 1/2 inch difference in the completed strip. I fudged some, I took others apart, and may end up tossing those original 2 sections, but going forward this will not be an issue.

For now all the pieces are back in their bin ready to be put away until I get #5 from my UFO list done. I am trying to start the year with order and discipline, even on day 1.

How about you? Are you starting the year with new projects or working on finishing up some old ones?


  1. You go girl! This is going to look amazing! I have a Christmas postage stamp languishing as well. I promised myself not to start anymore quilts, but create new little things for the home as I finish my quilt WIPS!

  2. OH Diane I have the strips for Heidi's "Postage Stamp Quilt" tucked away in one of my UFO boxes. Was hoping to do it LAST year but will TRY to tackle it this year. My theory is if I keep it next to my machine I can use it as leaders and enders. See how I go.

  3. That'll be a great looking queen sized quilt. I love the colors in your January challenge quilt -- good luck with it!

  4. I was part of a Postage Stamp Quilt Along, too, over at p.s. i quilt last year. Everything is done except the quilting, and I keep putting that off! It's going to be #1 on my "to finish" list this year.

    Yours is huge with that many pieces!!! Wow! But it will be absolutely beautiful when you're done! I didn't know that about the 1x1" criteria. But I think we'll both be proud to have finished ours even if it doesn't measure up to qualifying! :)

  5. I keep little 1.5 inch squares thinking that someday I'll have enough to make a quilt. This idea seems to make it look more achievable!