Friday, January 27, 2012

Todays PSA

When they say 'check stitching on back periodically'... they mean it is a good idea unless you want to spend 3 hours taking out quilting covering a 32" x 38" area rather than doing something productive with your day..... now back to regularly scheduled programming...


  1. Oh my gosh, this same thing happened to me last weekend! It was my first time free motion quilting, and several bobbins went through just FINE. When I was just about finished I turned it to see --- and just in that one corner of my quilt (probably about a square foot and a half of stitching, loops and whirls around), and all the loops had eyelashes, some even worse than yours -- looped thread in some places! I've learned my's no fun ripping that many stitches!

  2. I am guilty of not checking periodically enough too. Hope there was something good on TV while you un-sewed.

  3. Oh dear - do you know what happened? THAT's the important thing, so it doesn't happen again. I'm seeing some good stitches in the straight parts but problems in the curves. As you moving too fast around the corners or ... maybe that's so simple a solution.

    Inquiring DSM quilters want to know! 8-))

  4. I just HATE it when that happens!