Sunday, January 15, 2012

Stash Enhancement

I visited my favorite fabric stores this week....

The ones downtown, next to the girly clubs... not a nice neighborhood, but wow, was the trip worth it.... The above Grand Revival and Dolce prints by Tanya Whelan still had the plastic wrap on the bolt... It looked like there were about 10 prints total, but I stuck to the ones that could play well as stash and stayed away from the large scale focus prints...

These Anna Maria Horner were also new bolts.... two Garden Party and one Good Folks.

Brown and red Wild Thyme print that I love, and a pink Park Slope print... none of these are new fabrics, but all are favorites of mine, some hard to find, and did I mention they were $3.50/yard? I think I exhibited considerable constraint in getting only a yard of each....

Last, I got 5 yards of this lovely flannel that is targeted to be used for backing on the scrap quilt I started this week... again, $3.50/yard.

The backing is perhaps the only one that I can pretend that I need, but I could not pass up the rest... They were way too pretty to not come home with me.


  1. Love your collections, Diane. The price was too good to leave at the store, but the prints will surely liven up any new quilt. What fun!

  2. $3.50 a yard? How is that possible! I would say you showed considerable restraint indeed. I especially love the Wild Thyme prints.

  3. I would loved to have been with you on your fabric trip! Love the Wild Thyme the most....and love the unbelievable price!