Monday, November 9, 2009

Less than Perfect .. and Quilt Bingo?

You may recognize the blue print as one from the recent stash pile. This actually is not for stash augmentation, but has a planned purpose. Don't you love it when you find the exact fabric you need? This Irish chain was in the box I unpacked from CA, so its been sitting for 6 years, and my recollection is that it was sitting a long time before that waiting for the perfect backing... well the wait is over! I saw this print and knew that it was what I was waiting for. I am so glad I did not settle for something else that was just not right!

Ok... I know about quilt alongs, and swaps, and bees, but Bingo? While visiting Jane's site today I found out about Quilt Bingo and I'm in!


  1. Yes, it is a good thing when you have the right fabric on hand.
    Have fun with the bingo. I am going to pass at this time but it looks fun.

  2. How big is this Irish Chain quilt? That fabric you chose for the backing was one of my favorites that you showed the other day.

  3. Cute Irish chain and glad you found some backing for it. I have so many UFO's that need to be completed. All in good time. :)
    I haven't seen Quilting Bingo, maybe I'll have to check out Jane's Blog. I'm too busy to play, but it might be fun to see what you're up to.