Saturday, November 7, 2009

New stash ... machines fixed!

My vintage sewing machines are back and running like a dream!
And, I got to visit my fabric nirvana as well. Thanks to those who weighed in on determining how much to buy when encountering wonderful prices!

These are my new purchases made at the warehouses I discovered. The top selections were is a big pile marked $2 yd, must buy whole piece. The lower rt piece is 2yds and is a Kaufman print. I think it will be added to the wonky fence rail selections.

As happy as the $2's made me... these are the ones that put me over the moon! I spotted the Sandi Henderson prints in a pile of swatches by the desk and asked about them since they were not on the floor. When I asked the manager said to go get those from the back for me :) :) :) all $5 yd. This was where your advise on yardage helped! Thanks!!!


  1. Great new fabrics. There are a couple/few there that I'd like to grab and run with.

    When you think of the "high" we quilters get from purchasing fabric, it's a wonder we all aren't seriously in debt and smothered under tons of it!

  2. Wow, some great fabric finds.
    So glad to hear your machine are working great again.

  3. Wow, Congratulations you really scored on all the fabric. Love the variety.

  4. I LOVE AMH and Sandi Henderson fabrics!!! Very, very nice!!!

  5. great finds! I'll have to check that advice on how much to buy, because I'm always wanting to buy ALL OF IT!!! I LOVE the one with the crowns on the upper right in the top picture!

  6. I have got to find somewhere around here for deals like that! We are a bit far from Dallas!