Wednesday, November 4, 2009

More French General

Well, my stash of the French General did not last too long. While working on the table runner, which is a gift, hubby was saying how much he liked that color in our living room.... so, new project in progress is a couch throw in the lovely red and taupe.

So, help me out, I pulled both these fabrics from my stash as potential for the border. The tan is Kona Cotton in Sand and I like the solid because some of the FG is busy and I think it frames the blocks well.
Which do you like, the darker or the lighter print? I have to say the trick of snapping a pic on the digital really works. I had a favorite, but now that I see the pictures I have totally reversed my opinion.

Linky to coupon this weekend for 20% at Joannes... included sale prices, and they are having a holiday sale this weekend on notions. I plan to stock up on needles.

My sewing machines are done! Yea! You know what that means? Fabric shopping!!! And thanks to those that validated my more is better theory on fabric shopping!


  1. No question with me. I agree with Lisa; I like the darker print. (Hope we aren't ganging up on you!)

  2. I also like the darker print! And I can't wait to start sewing with French General!

  3. We were just talking about that line of fabric in my applique group. The shop has to order more. I like the darker print too but you probably have it all finished.

  4. Yeah, I like the darker one too. I heard that trick before about taking a picture with your camera and that has really helped me a few times too. Your quilt is going to be gorgeous. I love the French General line too. I don't have any yet and I'm sure if I don't get any I will regret it because it is totally my style!

    My patterns will hopefully be printed Friday or Monday! Then I'm doing some giveaways. Oh, this has taken so long. I'm already to go. I was just having some problems with the lighting on my pictures, but I am SO close! Check back soon o.k.?