Monday, November 16, 2009


Have you been following the Cross Country Christmas blog hop? I have and have been enjoying the great projects and stories from these designers from around the country. Yesterday I found more to enjoy! I was notified that I was the winner of the 100 Quilt Block magazine from Pat Sloan's site!

This fabric is just eye candy at this point, gathered for a project that I vetoed. (executive decisions in a management chain of 1?) I am sure you will see these turn up again in the new year.


  1. OH, congratulations! I was hoping to win one of those magazines. Have fun going through it. I am sure you will get lots of ideas. I guess I will go to Borders and see if I can buy one.
    Love that pink fabric.
    You are so sweet. I still can't believe you sent the gift to me. Thanks so much. I am getting ready to do a post. Thanks again.

  2. Wow! Congratulations -- that's awesome!

  3. Congratulations, Yeah.. Isn't it fun to win?? I've tried to follow a couple of days, but just haven't had the time to read and post on every blog. I'll have to run out and buy the magazine maybe at Joann's for the sale. Love those fabrics.

  4. congratulations on your win, I didn't win a book, but I did win fabric there. I am really new to quilting, I inherited my Mom's sewing room so I had to learn to quilt. I now do the quilting for a Charity group making lap robes for nursing homes in FL and AL.