Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Good thing she looks pretty

The Green Beauty is one of my prized possessions. I bought her at a thrift shop with the cabinet for under $20. I took her to the machine man who replaced the belt and the bobbin casing, oiled her up, and gave her a clean bill of health. She has been sitting there in the corner for about 6 months now, neglected and unused (other than stacking material on the cabinet) till yesterday when I decided to try her out.... well, I think she may remain lonely and neglected because the Green Beauty is a beast. She is loud.... I mean really loud, and she kinda stinks, that oil machine smell, and she keeps going after I stop! I know that this is a function of physics... but it is annoying.

I still love her, but, I think that actual use will be limited to maybe monthly to keep her moving and just on something like long seams to join backing sections. Actually, to not hurt her feelings, I think that is what I will do is designate her as the official backing machine!

Now to go complete those hour glass blocks. I promised myself to get them done before I go to Joann fabrics where I have a 50% coupon from this weekends paper. I went through my list of projects (above) and identified three projects that are 'on deck' that I need kona cotton for. I figured out how much I need for them. I gathered fabric swatches, Oz, Hope Valley and Make Life and hope that for at least two of them I can use the same color so I can get it as one fabric cut for the coupon.
The bunny was left by my girls, not sure which one, in my little notebook that I carry in the car to make lists on. I am not sure why they decided it was under the jurisdiction of Bunny Law.


  1. she is adorably retro!!! what a great find!

  2. such a cute machine. I have an old machine in a cabinet but I don't know if I'm ever going to get it tuned up and working.... honestly I don't think I'd use it. I think I'm going to refinish the cabinet and use it as a bedside table :)

  3. she is pretty!

    too bad about the noise and the smell (are you sure it's a "she?")