Saturday, June 5, 2010

I love a farmers market!

I need to give a shout out to my friend Christie who kept talking about her fresh eggs and convinced me that I needed to hunt some down. She had been going to the Dallas farmers market, but her vendor of choice was also at the Coppell market so about a month ago she decided to try that and invited me to tag along .... and I have been there every Saturday morning at 7:30 since!

My haul this morning, fresh tortillas and salsa from a local chef, tomatoes (every week I get a basket of 6), peaches, apricots, local honey and fresh range roving eggs.

This week the eggs were brown, last week they were a lovely light green.
Last week I got corn. I have also gotten grass fed beef sirloin steak (or a the hubs called it, a slice of a cow), gulf shrimp & crab & yellow fin tuna, trout & fresh organic cheese

And check out my produce bags! I take my grocery bags with me, ones I made or ones given away at the market once a year like the one in the picture... but I still was stuck with those thin plastic produce bags so I found this cotton mesh and whipped some up! I used the serger so they are nice and clean and wove ribbon in the top for a tie! They make me happy!


  1. Must be a great market to get up so early for! Your just can't beat free range eggs can you, and since we only get grass fed beef down here I can only imagine that it tastes better than the corn fed beef.

  2. You know, I grew up on all the less than natural stuff, so now my taste is completely adapted to it and I am not a big fan of more natural foods! What a shame, since they tend to be a LOT healthier! In fact, my fiance and his family prefer fresh or frozen vegetables, and I have always eaten canned and find that (aside from corn) fresh or frozen tastes to GREEN to me. You know, that flavor that says "HI, I AM A GREEN VEGGIE, free of preservatives and excessive salt..." haha.

    And whenever his mom comes down she brings berries - but I never ate berries growing up so I find them to be too tart or sour for me! I wish I could adapt to these foods so that eating them didn't feel like a chore!

    And as far as the eggs - every time I have eaten the real deal, I feel like they look too yellow and something doesn't taste *right*...

    But I wish I could acquire a taste for most of this - it's so much better for me!