Wednesday, June 2, 2010

RWB continued

This week is half way through yet it feels like a Monday! I think it is the combination of the holiday and having just put my mom on the plane after visiting for 10 days. Today is the first day that it is back to just me in the house after taking kids to school.... its that Monday feel.
I did get started on my Red/White/Blue projects.... yes, that's with an 'S'. I tend to work a color scheme to death using every little bit after I make a selection and I am certainly doing that here.
After gathering the fabrics this weekend I took stock of what I had and how much of what there was. The largest piece I had was of the red dot, about 4 yards, so I put it aside for a quilt backing. The next largest is the white with pin wheel things on it, about 1.5 yards so I decided to use it for borders or backing for table runners. The third piece I set aside was this stripe and I love it for binding.
Next I went through my thread and found all the white/gray half bobbins laying around and set them aside for piecing and found a spool of light blue and threaded the machine. I tend to use misc threads that I have for piecing as long and there is a credible match.
Having discovered I had LOTS of fabric, I decided to go ahead with the quilt idea. While I had fabrics out I cut for the table runner too, committing myself to at least a pile of 2.5 strips.
Not content with two project started, I took a look at all the end of strip pieces left from the block cutting and decided I had to do something with those too (my goodness, it was already two rectangles sewn together!) and started adding the scrap strips there, the birth of wonky log blocks.

So now I have the quilt blocks all done, the start 0f 9 wonky log cabins, and strips for the table runners ready to go.... goodness... what to work on today!


  1. Love that stripe for binding. Looking forward to seeing all these projects progress.

  2. 3 projects at once, impressive! How do decide on which project to work on?