Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Projects in limbo

This picture is first mainly because I do not want the next to be the one that shows up on reader list :) but this will be showing up on one of the projects below.

The Bernina is gone. All that is left of the dust and lint that surounded her. (maybe its good she has gone on vacation at sewing machine repair land so I can/will clean the table) Poor Ott light is just laying there.

Meanwhile I have much work to be done on the wonky log blocks...

The yellow brick road ... but really its a RedWhiteBlue brick road....

ninteen double hour glass blocks done

five more requiring only the last seam...

So who will it be that gets to come out and play? The Necchi that has been in the corner (without her dust cover!!!ooops)

or, what's that? in the cabinet? The one that has yet to be used since being found at Goodwill and taken to be serviced and given a clean bill of health?

Yes! It is time to try out the Green Beauty! Lets see what she can do!
(other than sit there and look pretty)


  1. I love the red/blue and white quilt top you are making. Lucky you have lots of sewing machines so you can keep going while the Bernina is away.

  2. Ooo How exciting to use that sewing machine for the first time!
    I love the double hourglass blocks! Those look awesome! So lucky you have multiple machines to work with, I am still using the machine I've had since I was a kid. It's cheap and probably at least 10 years old.

  3. Have fun with your lovely green vintage sewing machine! Isn't she a beauty! Loving those hour glass blocks too.

  4. Well that little blue machine is pretty and so are those blocks.