Friday, June 4, 2010

Cheating on the side

Shhhh... don't tell, but I cheated on my red white and blue projects yesterday.

Way back in early March I showed the stack I cut from the leftovers of my Rick Rack Rocks quilt. I took these on vacation and came back with the quilt top all done and last week on the fabric shopping excursions with my mom I got the backing fabric so all was ready. I really wanted to post with Amy's Show and Tell this week so I decided to set aside the RWB and quilt this puppy up.... well that was the plan.

First thing I decided was the the colors were drab and needed a boost, so I decided to add a strip of cream to host a strip of rick rack that again was left over from the quilt that rocks. Figured if it was good the first time, it would work again and I think it does. look at the difference!

So, drabs conquered, I spray basted (actually already done in the pictures above which accounts for the wrinkled look), did straight line stitching on each side of my cream strip and started to meander my way around the quilt. Ha!

First thing off I started meandering in my strip! Not the plan, so I picked it all out, switched sides and meandered again... find that I was skipping stitches. At first I thought it was random and that if I sewed over to secure it would be hidden in the puckers, but then when I stopped I found that it was all over the place! Now I get to pick out thread again, on a fairly large area and I am not pleased. The Bernina has an apointment next week at the sewing doctor and I will put the Nicchi back in rotation, but the Bernina is my only machine that I can free motion on, so this quilt now gets set aside.

The moral here is, as our moms told us when we were small, cheater never prosper... or something like that, so today I am back to work on the RWB projects and will never leave them till they are completed, or at least ready to by quilted and I hope that will be by next weeks Sew & Tell.


  1. Your quilt looked great in the end.

  2. Diane,

    I really like the color scheme on this one - you did a great job!

  3. Love your quilt and the meadering looks great in the photo's. Sorry you have to pick some of it out. Been there done that. I have the same fabric and some charms waiting to be put together. Love the fabrics.

  4. You are right, the ric rac does the trick. I feel for you with your machine woes. Mine was skipping stitches when I was straight line quilting. The less than impressive service people tell me its the needles I was using when less than 3 months after a service it was skipping stitches again.

  5. oh... so frustrating!!!

    But it's a cute quilt. And the ric rac is a great touch.

  6. i love love that word fabric! great quilt. thanks for visiting my blog ♥

  7. So frustrating when your sewing machine plays up like that especially when you've been sewing along happily for a while. I guess you already tried a new needle?