Friday, July 8, 2011


I am going to to a series of 4 quilts themed by the season. I already have Spring started, Fall is cut out, and I have Winter well in hand, but am struggling with Summer....

Do I go with something like this, fresh berries washed in the sun....

Or these also speak summer to me, cherries and saturated colors...

but does anything speak summer as much as Red, White and Blue...

What do you think? What colors and patterns evoke the feel of summer for you? I think I may be held back in that I have a hard time associating quilts with 103 days so maybe I need to go outside after dark and soak in the cool evening.... something that will be scarce when I get back to Texas.


  1. Beach colors always speak summer to me - sand, water, sky, crisp linen sheets, etc.

  2. I like either the first or second grouping. You really can't go wrong with any of them, though. Have fun!

  3. Red, White and Blue always feels summery to me, but you can't go wrong with cherries! Good luck!

  4. I'm voting for the cherries and the colours of that collection just remind me of summer days. Love your idea to do a quilt for each season!

  5. I do like the top berries fabric but almost think it's more springlike than summery. Even though red, white, and blue is summer at its best, I actually like your 2nd bundle of fabric the most. Whatever you do will be great I'm sure!

  6. Maybe you could do cherries and blueberries and raspberries as the red-white-and-blue project! Hm...suddenly I want some ice cream with raspberries and blueberries.