Thursday, July 7, 2011

Well, I am on 'vacation' (is that what you call driving over 5000 miles?) and do not have access to my sewing machine and have a hankering to start a project... what to do?.... well, I started surfing blogland and found all these Farmer's Wife quilt blocks, found a coupon for Joann's where the book can be found and BAM.... I joined another another QAL midstream.

If you have not seen these blocks, and I can't believe anyone has not.... check them out at the flicker group.

I head home next week... oh boy aprox 30 hours driving... and I will post pictures of the stack of fabric I have accumulated. In addition to visiting family we are touring some schools with my daughter who is going to be a HS junior this year... and, if there happened to be a quilt store around....

While visiting family and scooping our Warner Pacific University I managed to drop in at Bolt, a neighborhood fabric store in Portland that I wish was in my neighborhood!

We had a tour of California State University Chico which produced a visit to Honey Run Quilters where I found a great sale.... and 5 yards of Neptune damask and down the street there was a sale at The Rabbit Hole where I got a couple AH Gastlies. It sold out last year so I wanted to strike early even though I have no plans for another Halloween quilt.

We also had a tour of Southern Oregon in Ashland and somehow I missed getting into a store.... it does seem to be high on the list of schools so maybe a return visit?


  1. Aw, road trips are . . .l-o-n-g, but you certainly can build some fun into them. Good to hear you are doing so, and the fabric acquisition is the whipped cream on top!

  2. Hi Diane ~ I've been missing you on the blog, so it was great to see you're getting in on the FWQA! I am, too, but just haven't started yet. My UFOs are still in the works so I'll have to go slower than the group on the FW. Have a safe trip home.