Wednesday, December 1, 2010

WIP Wednesday

I have three quilts in progress that I want to share today for WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.

The first is mine all mine... a paper pieced strip quilt in red and green. I keep sneaking in a round of strips here and there in between the projects I am supposed to be working on.

Then there is the Fenced in Rail quilt which is a gift. I took it on vacation and got it cut and the block put together, however I managed to take two different color lots of the Kona Sage to be used for the block edges so those still need to be cut and the quilt completed from there.

Third is also a gift ... almost all quilted, binding pending before it hits the mail.
This is priority one and the goal is to get it done and to the washing machine tonight...

confession time... I decided getting these three done is not enough so I started quilts for each of the daughters as well. One is cut and one is still a pile. I get bored with just one quilt and like to work multi at a time in different stages so if I find a tv show I want to watch I can trim blocks or cut rather than trying to hear over the machine sewing... and risk my finger in the process... but... I think I need to focus and get something done!!!

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  1. Oh, Diane, talk about a kindred spirit - I was just saying to someone that it's like I have quilt-ADD - can't seem to focus on just one quilt at a time! I love your red and green strips, they're so happy. Happy WiP Wednesday to you :)

  2. love those red/greens/whites - SO nice! Quilts make holidays BETTER> : )

  3. I know, that's me too. I just can't work methodically, one project at a time, no matter how hard I try. : )

    I'm loving both the string quilt and the Fenced In Rail quilt. I'm a sucker for anything with Hope Valley! Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday - see you next time!

  4. OMG! Too funny about starting new quilts! I can totally relate! Glad to see a "Southern Quilter" here! I'm in Oregon, but was raised in Louisiana, and have family in Texas! Come to think o fit, my entire side of the family is in TX now! And I've been wanting bad to learn paper piecing!

  5. I love your string quilt and the rail fence. Your projects are so lovely no wonder you want to work on more than one!

  6. I'm glad to hear there are other people who have found different dye lots in kona. I thought I was going crazy when the kona snow I bought didn't match my other kona snow. :)

    Beautiful quilts!

  7. some very pretty WIPs. Good luck finished the most important one.