Tuesday, April 19, 2011

WIP 4/20

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I got something done this week! Yea! I also made some good progress on other projects....


I got my first A&M quilt done this week... I still have another one to go but I want to get a few other projects done before I start.

New Projects:

Well, I had thought that I was going to get through a week without starting a new project... until I got a phone call about 9 pm last night... a desperate plea for an angel costume for the Easter play for Children's Ministry at church.... in 5 min I had a knock at the door and 4 yards of a slinky silver material for said costume.... I found this PJ pattern that I think will work well as just a tunic and I will add a sash... instant angel!


A couple more grocery bags... I had these cut out and set aside... I hoped to have them done by now... they are not done but I made some progress. I am giving these to friends as my Facebook Pay-it-Forward challenge.

I got 1/4 of my Vintage Juki Spring quilt done and am working on another section. This will have to be set aside until the angel is done...

American Jane quilt is waiting for me to find Kona Snow... the rest are just waiting...Hour Glass Pot holders : Pinwheel Quilt Along : Hope Valley QAL : Stamp QAL :Chubby Stars QAL : Snippet Pinwheels : Leaves D9P : Mandy's fence : HST: New Wave

Stats for week: New Projects - 1 : Completed - 1 : WIP - 14


  1. Love your Juki quilt! Very nice.

  2. Lots of cute stuff! I love those grocery bags, such fun fabric there. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  3. The blue with the pink flowers in your Vintage quilt, I think I had some fabric just like that and made a jumper for my daughter when she was younger.

  4. I really need to make some grocery totes.

  5. Wow, instant angel costume is a pretty tall order! I love your vintage quilt and the other projects!

  6. I feel the same way about getting through a week without starting a new project, just can't do it! Great progress!

  7. You've got a lot more done than I have this week. Love your Vintage Juki quilt. The fabrics are perfect!